Tuesday, 22 August 2017

All the remain is “Welcome”…!

Welcome to the blog of the Bard of Tysoe… – especially if this is your first visit (hopefully, of many)! If you’ve arrived here after noticing the advert in the Tysoe & District Record (right), then a big ‘thank you’ for tapping in the address of this site manually: you are indeed – as the Old English would say – a wilcuma – that is, ‘a person whose coming is pleasing’ (and from where we get the word ’welcome’ itself). Hopefully, you will find posts that similarly(?) tell you something you didn’t know before; that entertain; make you scratch your head (in deep thought; or perhaps bafflement); and – in the case of reviews – make you wish you had been at that event (that is, presuming that you weren’t…). You may nod in unanimity; or disagree deeply with what I have to say; or simply have a question, as a result… – in which case, please feel free to leave a comment (the form appears at the bottom of each post); and I will, once I’ve (moderated and) published it (if your remarks haven’t broken my scant and simple rules of decency and defamation, etc.), try and answer it (if applicable) as soon as I can. (If you’re really fortunate, you may even get a post written especially for you, in response!)

As the above ad hints: I don’t restrict my writings (and this is the 338th: so there are quite a few to peruse) to any one topic or format (like many other blogs do) – so the best way to find your way around may be to type something you’re interested in into the search box at the very top left corner of each page (if necessary, moving through the results by clicking on ‘Newer Posts’ and ‘Older Posts’ at the end of each resultant list); or click on one of the many tags (which I use to categorize each post) in The Bard’s infinitely-inflating label cloud, at the bottom of every page – for example, ‘Tysoe’.

Otherwise, you may be interested in the Featured article (at the top of the right-hand column); or be intrigued as to why something I’ve written has made it into This week’s top five. There’s also a set of ‘tabs’ – e.g. Local links, etc. – at the top (but these pages are currently a tad unloved… – they could definitely do with more care and attention…). Finally, there’s a list of every single post to be found if you play around with the little triangles of My archive (on the right). Wherever you end up, you can always click the banner at the top (which shows just how beautiful the situation of Tysoe is, huddled ’neath the Edge Hills…) – and this will then take you back to the blog’s ’front page’.

Those who have visited before probably know that I have written much about local planning on here – and frequently critically (because, although a relative newcomer, I care passionately about this wonderful place…) – particularly setting down my thoughts about the new(ish) Neighbourhood Development Plan (and its predecessor: the nullified Neighbourhood Plan). If you would like to read my ‘judgement’ of the NDP – from June, this year – please just click on the following links (preferably in order)!

  • Et in Arcadia ego… (part I) – my immediate reaction; plus some views on how it has split the residents of the three constituent villages;
  • Et in Arcadia ego… (part II) – what is wrong with the plan, in general (a commentary that also links to previous posts on the subject); and…
  • Et in Arcadia ego… (part III) – what is wrong with the plan, in detail – which analyses the NDP meticulously; and is written as if for the independent examiner who must mark the Plan fit, or unfit, to be taken to a referendum of the Parish’s residents.

Indeed, this whole blog came into being because of my involvement in the battle against Gladman Developments (which now feels like ancient history); but – as I have said – it has spread its wings since then. (If you wish to know more about my reasons for continuing to produce it, this post should enlighten.) However you found it, I hope you find the blog interesting. Welcome!

Antipholus of Ephesus
Y’ are sad, Signior Balthazar, pray God our cheer
May answer my good will and your good welcome here.
I hold your dainties cheap, sir, and your welcome dear.
Antipholus of Ephesus
O, Signior Balthazar, either at flesh or fish,
A table full of welcome makes scarce one dainty dish.
Good meat, sir, is common; that every churl affords.
Antipholus of Ephesus
And welcome more common, for that’s nothing but words.
Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
Antipholus of Ephesus
Ay, to a niggardly host and more sparing guest;
But though my cates be mean, take them in good part;
Better cheer may you have, but not with better heart.
– Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors (III.i.19–29)

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