Friday, 28 March 2014

Architecture with heart and brains…

Do you believe that art has the power to move? Do you believe that architecture is art? If no, please leave now (and don’t forget to turn the lights on, on your way out). If yes: can it therefore move you to tears…?

Opening the ‘Properties’ section of this week’s Herald, I was astonished and delighted to find a house listed there – although not yet built – that so captures the essence of imagination and environment; that is so sensitive to the ideas of suitability and sustainability; that I actually cried, with joy.

This is what the architect, David Sheppard, has to say about his creation – inspired by the historical fabric of the place it will soon (I hope) become a key part of:

We aspired to make Hedge House to be both exceptional and innovative in terms of the material choice and how it is made: a holistic approach using only two materials, wood and brick. This means, in the literal sense, using wood and brick as our only palette of materials; to all walls, floors, ceiling, inside and out achieving a rigorous consistency and longevity to the building fabric. We see the building evoking a sensual almost sacred atmosphere within, with the purity of line, geometry and simplicity of space with natural light enhancing these material characteristics.

Are we, as a village, as a community, brave and intelligent enough to learn from this?

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