Thursday, 8 October 2015

It’s still National Poetry Day…!

The Bard’s epitaph (in the form of a bench)

Here would Tysoe sit and writ,
And rest his bum a little bit;
But now it’s yours to stop and weigh
In the posterior of his day.

Holofernes: The posterior of the day, most generous sir, is liable, congruent, and measurable for the afternoon. The word is well cull’d, chose, sweet, and apt, I do assure you, sir, I do assure.
– William Shakespeare: Love’s Labour’s Lost

aflitterfortwitter (#thinkofapoem #thinklikeapoet)

amoth a lights onalight
notthemoon anothersatellite
sat a float afloatingpontoon
set a light insight

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