Saturday, 21 November 2015

With apologies to Zola…

For those who live in Tysoe: I have just received a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s vile, solipsistic, spoilt, infantile, misleading and propagandist j’accuse-style resignation letter to the Parish Council. I think, from its wording and the misinformation it contains, that it may have been penned with the help of Jeremy Hunt, or possibly Grant Shapps. Its insulting lack of self-knowledge – blaming others for their own actions; not recognizing their own obvious faults… – and the absence of reason, are phenomenal (and yet somehow hilarious)! However, as tempted as I am to crow about vindication and my utter joy at this turn of events – and the painful, long-drawn-out, apparent victory for common sense – this paragraph is all I will write on the matter. If you need more information, please attend the next Parish Council meeting (on 7 December 2015); or contact your nearest Parish Councillor. The truth is out there.

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