Saturday, 23 April 2016

Music to hear… (23 April 2016)

A sonnet for Dobrinka Tabakova, David Curtis, and Nick Hodges;
and Immortal Shakespeare (on the occasion of his 452nd birthday)

My heart is readily undone: two strings
     unbow my reason; tears come easily.
     The keys of words and music equally
unlatch such salt; its masochistic stings
threading my cracked cheeks; such confluent springs
     whetting my lips, weighing so heavily
     upon my tongue; yet fetching hope, fully-
formed – bursting as my freshened spirit sings.

That I am unashamed in my parade;
     that I am not so singly passionate;
          that I am glad to let my weeping flow –
impelled by truth; no paltry masquerade,
     but honest force that does not personate
          affect – is such compels my soul to grow.

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