Monday, 28 May 2018

A sequence of opticalimericks…

A diminutive detachment of double-quick-drafted ditties… to thank the wonderful people at Dr C P Grey Opticians for being so friendly and considerate.

A helpful opticians named Greys
Took all of my glasses to glaze:
     As, transpiring with age,
     My view of the page
Is blurred, like a work of Monet’s.

I need quite a large range of specs
As my long and short sight are both wrecks:
     So some are for local;
     My best – varifocal –
Can see, though, the tick and T Rex.

I have goggles for typing and Tweeting,
And others for reading and eating.
     The former are focused
     At a tad further locus;
The latter are much nearer meeting.

My eyewear for outside must fade,
Or at least be a much darker shade:
     As I can’t face the light
     When it’s overly bright;
But at night I can unbarricade.

Making a spectacle of myself… – or something….

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Rafster said...

Will you think I am too literal if I answer your rhetorical question "why so few views"? I agree that your written words and imagery deserve attention. So perhaps you're not getting into the correct search memes. Blogs have been overtaken by Youtube. The barriers to becoming a Youtube personality are fairly low. Middle of the range camera and a tripod is good enough to start. If you are an action-oriented person you may want a gimbal instead of a tripod. Then you're on the road to sponsorship and other goodies. And as for getting feedback from readers: smooth the path and make it easy to find. So that even a person with a high dose of velleity can follow through.